Dedicated to transporting passengers within the public service , this unit has been designed to evolve with the development of solutions for onboard energy production to take into account environmental concerns within a reasonable budget.

In the current state of technical mastery , propelling the unit is provided by a diesel electric causing two pods Voith ILJ Rim Drive.

The ship is designed to evolve towards hybrid and clean electric propulsion, according to the industrialization of processes are still , to this day , the experimental stage and now involves over invetsissement notable in the field of marine application .

Current developments in industries addressing their problems in terms of mass production ( such as the automobile industry ) will necessarily lead to lower costs.

It therefore seemed interesting to design this unit for the foreseeable technological developments, knowing that the life of a ship is about 30 years , during this period , it will change at least twice its engines and that over the next three decades , which can now be considered expensive , become reasonable.

> Measurements
Hull length21.00m
Waterline length20.70m
Max width8.12m
maximum width at the waterline7.76m
Trough in the main deck2.90m
Propulsion power2 x 136 Cv
Propulsion powerVOITH VIP
Max speed12 kn
Fresh water390L
Black water390L
Number of passengers100
Number of crew2
Space for PMR4