The TRANSBOADER is a ship loading ramp before unloading hydraulic control, allowing it to operate on an inclined plane (15%).

Its cargo deck can accommodate vehicles, and has a dock specially designed for liquid cargo.

Its hull is designed to optimize its passage through the seas and fuel consumption.

It is a means of freight transport suitable for inter-island flights.

It is designed and built according to the rules of the class and the flag State.

> Measurements
Hull length35.60m
Waterline length32.90m
Max width9.00m
maximum width at the waterline8.85m
Propulsion power1300 Cv
Type of propellantScrew propeller
Max speed12 à 14 kn
Fresh water390L
Black water390L
Number of passengers12
Number of crew3
Space for PMRoption
Cargo100 Tonnes