Eagle Bow 2400

Hull Form

The eagle Bow shape hull has been design to minimize consumption without reducing performances.
The tank testing, has demonstrated that comportment in boat landing operation, by side sea, was not affected by the bow shape, avoiding the installation of bow thrusters.

Deck Configuration

The configuration of the deck allow to load 2x 10 ft containers on fore deck as on aft deck. The A crane on aft deck is usefull in operations of survey or subsea, allowing a range of polyvalence to the ship operation.

Resilient Mountings

The passenger lounge is suspended on resilient mountings.
This technology has been used for 20 years on many of our vessels and reduces noise and vibration significantly.


A safe boat-landing area secures accesses to wind turbines. Large fenders protect the bow of the ship and the wind turbine.
The boat landing area can be fitted with a TAS whithout minimizing the deck area.


The two MTU 12 V 2000 M72 engines drive Servogear variable pitch propellers. This combination allows good performances for speed and maneuverability in boat landing operation.


Accommodations have been designed so as to ensure an ergonomic use of the ship, a good passenger flow and a bright atmosphere. A wardrobe room at the entrance of the accomodation bloc allows wet clothes to be stored before entering the passenger lounge. A gallery provides means of cooking onboard. Two bedrooms are placed on each side of the vessel, providing four berths.

The configuration of the passenger lounge can be customized of the passenger lounge can be customised so as to meet the exact vessel purpose.