MSIS ALLAIS Shipyard at Euronaval

On the stand THALES , was presented the  SEAMAPPER, a project developed by the engineers of the French company, well known in the defense company, based on the use of towed sonar T-SAS concept.

In order to offer their customers a package including system launch and automatic recovery developed under the ESPADON program, but also a specially designed ship to integrate SEAMAPPER, Thales has adopted the design from ALLAIS among several others that were offered him.

MSIS ALLAIS Shipyard confirms, through the selection of Thales, its capabilities in naval architecture and engineering to design technical ships, already demonstrated through the range of Surfer designed and built for Bourbon. “The integration of the Engineering Department at the site, is a major argument that led Thales to choose our offer, as well as the quality of our production organization, which reassure the customer on our ability to manage a program of industrial development . ”  Michele ROBERT General Manager of the shipyard, explains.

The scope of supply SEAMAPPER, which extends to the domain of defense and civil fields, opens up prospects to the shipyard, which also meets success in the market of offshore oil and gas, with its new range of crewboat ESUS that convinces new customers.