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Chantiers Allais

requirements & performance since 1984

Chantier Allais joined Groupe EFINOR on August 28th 2016

All the company’s staff, both management and employees, have come together to support this new departure.

Fabrice LEPOTIER, founder and President of the industrial group acquiring Chantier ALLAIS, already extensively involved in naval and maritime activities, is delighted to have this chance to unite his company’s skills with those of the shipyard and its widely recognized expertise in aluminium naval construction.

Its ambition is to give the Chantiers ALLAIS® brand as much visibility as possible, both on the domestic market as well as abroad.

Operational management of the new Chantiers ALLAIS company has been confided to Stéphane KERVEVAN. After having started his career on the seas, he moved on through several management positions in some of the most prestigious shipyards (STX, CMN, …). With his passion for naval construction and the support of Fabrice LEPOTIER’s closest collaborators, Jean François MOUCHEL, General director of the EFINOR group and Philippe LEROSSIGNOL, Financial and Administrative Director, he will lead the company forward using the solid industrial culture he has acquired over his career.

He has also asked François ALLAIS, the company’s founder and corporate memory, to accompany him through this period of transition. His shipyard became renowned as the designer of several SURFER vessels, a reference in the fast crew boat market for offshore oil rigs, and he went on to oversee the development of new ranges of ships as part of a project to diversify activities.

Fabrice POTIER has laid down some strategic priorities for the company’s future: perpetuate the excellence of work produced by the shipyard up until now, invest in technological and organisational innovation, reply to client needs by offering a range of high-performance ships adapted to their activities and take the company’s commercial offer to new market segments by getting closer to demand. He will make resources from the EFINOR group available in order to “make better use of past experience in the future”.

A plan that promises perspectives for change in keeping with the present.